'Jonathan who has real talent has identified the crimes that are committed in our name. The songs are beautiful and the cause a worthy one' - Tony Benn

'Taylor notes with a smile, “At 15 when I bought my first second-hand guitar and amp for 75 pounds, my mother said it was a complete waste of money.” Although it’s left unsaid, one gets the feeling she’s probably still eating her words today. Since then, his reviewers have been somewhat more generous. It’s been said he is the possessor of a ‘marvellous dusty, dusky voice full of resonance and beauty’ by local press and a ‘real talent’ by the British Politician Tony Benn, while fans continue to liken him to Don Mclean, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and even Neil Diamond.

Taylor’s lyrics remain consistent in theme, his overwhelming need to lend his voice to those who remain without. Whether they’re victims of the Bulgarian Communist Regime (Izvinavi) or an elegy to those lost in 9/11 (‘If Only’) and the messages they left behind. Again and again he returns to his subject, in ‘Holocaust Denier’ written after meeting England’s only known Jewish Auschwitz survivor Leon Greenman, his words convey not only the horror of genocide but implore us to remember, should we let it happen again. Both tracks featured on BBC and worldwide radio and for which British PM of the time Gordon Brown, wrote to thank him. Even the house he now calls home in central Bulgaria, used as a Partisan hide-out for anti-nazi resistance fighters throughout WW2, has brought him inspiration in the form of the song ‘Partisan.’ You begin to get the feeling Taylor needs this kind of connection to the past and a large helping of tragedy for both sustenance and creativity. 

Taylor’s music urges us to question why atrocities happen, whether they are individual or collective. He takes tragedy, seemingly internalising the pain and then slowly from his depths comes something beautiful, skilful, deeply memorable and strangely- immensely listenable.' - Cursty Hoppe, 2012.

INTERESTING (I bet you never knew that before) things about Jonathan Taylor.

Jonathan's family include Bob Johnson, ex-guitarist for the legendary folk rock band - Steeleye Span, and Rebecca Reece (Nee Johnson) a pioneer in early vocal cylindrical recording. His grandmother was a 'play anything by ear' pianist and his uncle, Norman Johnson, a member of the Royal Air Force choir.

During WW2; Norman Johnson was a rear-gunner, his 'Wellington Bomber' was shot down over the Mediterranean Sea. He was the only survivor, rescued from the water by an allied friendly fishing vessel. His brother Jeoffry Johnson was a member of the design team for the British Leyland Motor Corporation - he designed the alternator (found on every car in the world today), modern air-conditoing systems, and many other world first's in automotive engineering..

Jonathan Taylor is a profound Dyslexic (SLD), a persistant school truant who had no formal secondary education. He returned to full-time education in his late twenties; later winning 'The Princapl's Award' for outstanding achievment, Bradford & Ilkley Community College - 1998. After finishing his 'post graduate education', he is now a qaulified teacher, mentor and youth & community worker. 'Odd Jonathan' takes him name from his medical condition, brain damage from birth, To find out how dyslexia has affected his life,visit the American Dyslexia Association here: .

Having grown up as a child on livestock farms in South Wales, he has been a dedicated vegetarian since the age of 17 (now vegan). A process started at the age of 15 when he refused to cooperate with the slaugher of the animals around him. He had until this point been most active in fishing, shooting and hunting. In his 2013 book; 'Meat - Memoirs of A Psycopath', he controversially claims that the evolutionary arguments put forward in support of 'flesh eating' are no different than those used by peoadophiles to 'validate' their abuse of children. - A view point he still maintains. "The book itself is about animal rights, but very few peole understand this..." he says.

Among his 'commisioned' works are over 50 titles written for the the online language resource 'English Club Online' - they include The Alphabet Song for Rocker's, The Punctuation Blues and Present Tense Song: A rendition of 'happy birthday' has now recieved nearly half a million hits on YouTube. They can all be heard via the 'EC' link above.

Jonathan has lived in Bulgaria since 2006 - Where he is busy renovating an old WW2 partisan fighters 'hide-out house' with his Scottish partner, photographer Nicola Miller. 

Brittunculi Records & Books (Brittunculi - Ancient Roman: Meaning 'Nasty Little Brittons')

Brittunculi Records & Books is the independent publishing label of British singer/songwriter Jonathan Taylor. The name was set up as a trading title way back in 2008 following the launch of the debut solo album 'Songs of The Fete de la Musique.' Brittunculi distributes its music and books worlwide in partnership with USA based digitisers, CDBaby and Smashwords.






Do you have a specific learning difficulty? Are you a creative writer or perhaps a professional in the education/literature field/s or similar? If yes: would you like to contribute to 'Why The Hell Should I' - a new book that investigates the difficulties and forms of discrimination that writers with dyslexia face... Download your free 1st ed.research copy here. thank you in advance for any help offered! - very best, Jonathan.

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